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yours truly himselfMy name is Kaido Kurre and I'm 3D artist from London, UK.
I have been sketching onto some form of media for as long as i can remember, be it a notepad, bus ticket or a margin of a newspaper. First image editing app was The Gimp under Red Hat at a local library many years ago and I was taken instantly.

I've been using Lightwave since the end of 2005 and it has been my main package so far.
I'm interested in every technical aspect of visual storytelling and moving pictures. From previs, concept art and location reference to matchmoving, roto, 3D and compositing. From photography, camera work, 4k cinema cameras, lenses/optics and technocranes to colour timing and mastering.

Other interests: photography, guitar, keyboards, audio editing.
Music: Meshuggah, Soilwork, Devildriver, Nine Inch Nails, Sulpher, Skinny Puppy, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Tesseract, Snake River Conspiracy